Feeding a Mixed Crowd: one meal for a variety of food needs

About 18 months ago I had the pleasure to serve as private chef to an incredible group of female business owners. They were at a creative retreat designed to infuse their businesses with new vision. One of the perks of this retreat was all meals served up in-house by yours truly. The menu was inContinue reading “Feeding a Mixed Crowd: one meal for a variety of food needs”

I was here- I. AM. Here.

It’s not too small. It’s not insignificant. My voice is just that- MY VOICE. Hey there, friends. I’ve been holding back on you a bit. You see, I can’t even count the amount of posts, articles, infographics, etc I’ve composed in my head and never shared. I just figured, who am I? I’m NO expert.Continue reading “I was here- I. AM. Here.”