Hi there.

I’m Olivia.  Christ-follower, wife, mama and queen of the side hustle. I believe in the health of the WHOLE person: mind-body-spirit. I love to cook and make previously unhealthy foods nourishing and nutritious.  I geek out on learning about healthy skin care, home products, ways to move bodies and recover from injuries.  I’m an extraverted introvert who’s striving to find that sweet spot between letting people get close to me and burning out. 

On this site you’ll see a myriad of topics discussed. Here’s why (I’m just speaking for myself here): when I focus too much on one aspect in life some other important things don’t get the attention they deserve. It’s easy to ignore the hard things happening in my home life when I’m going overboard on my latest clean eating venture. I can ignore my spiritual life when I’m over-committed at work.  BALANCE, Olivia. BALANCE, friends. That’s the name of the game. Won’t you join me on the journey?