Sniffles, Snuggles, & Sourdough

Being healthy means sometimes letting go of all the expectations.

It’s been a week around here! Rather, it’s been a crazy winter season in general. My youngest (the little cherub cheeks in the photo) is in Kindergarten and our wonderful family doctor has been assuring me since child #1 that virus-after-virus when starting school is part of developing a healthy immune system. Honestly, without her encouragement my mama-bear brain would be circling the drain. It’s so hard to watch your kids fight continuous sickness and despite all best efforts and healthy habits, it’s still happening. I’m so fortunate and truly grateful, that even with these “seasons” of sickness, my kids are generally in great health. I have nothing but respect for those parents who walk through chronic illness with their children.

But, sometimes…

I’m a creature of habit: a non-type A person who actually thrives in a routine. I know it sounds strange, but I’m actually MORE creative when I have a plan for the day. Not a plan for every minute or hour, but an idea of what things need to take time; morning, afternoon and evening. For years I was so resistant to planners and digital calendars. Now they are my trusted companions.

So, when life throws me a major curve ball I find my tendency is to throw it all out! Forget about meal planning, exercise, juicing, etc, etc, etc. And then I beat myself up for abandoning “THE PLAN.” You know what… SOMETIMES THAT’S WHAT’S NEEDED!

Sometimes I need to stop everything, order some carryout and snuggle my boy.

Sometimes I need to realize I haven’t slept through the night in weeks and though going for a run may temporarily clear my head, the toll on my body may not be ideal.

Sometimes getting a sweat on is just what the doctor ordered!

-Sometimes a big, green smoothie can cure a multitude of ailments.

Being healthy means sometimes letting go of all the expectations and taking a moment to back off the routine and just sit, relax, heal, and reevaluate. A mandatory, unplanned week at home is one of the best things for me to clear my head and reset. Unfortunately, this usually only happens when someone is home sick. How sad.

So for this week, I’m snuggling my rosy-cheeked boy, baking sourdough biscuits, watching hours upon hours of Wild Kratts and striving to live in a place of balance and gratitude for this beautiful, messy gift of a life!

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